What is Racing Helmet?

A racing helmet is not like a normal helmet, it’s a kind of protective headgear worn by the professional car or bike racers .As we all know that bike racing can be very dangerous it’s a risky sport unlike other sports .Because of the sudden increase and decrease in speed the head along with the body is automatically forced to jerk. The car or the bike can lose control and skid anytime there would be no warning and you could even face death because of that. A case like this happened 1976 with a driver named Niki Lauda who was a world champion and performed in German grand prix race, his car got fire due to several burns on the fuel tank because of which he could not get out of the car, but somehow he escaped alive.

We have also seen that these days there are so many road and racing accidents taking place just because the precautions while driving were not taken; it’s all the result of being careless. Wearing helmets can protect your head because the outer shell of a helmet is made up of carbon fibre and a thick coating of polystyrene along with padding which protects the head completely.

Race HelmetsA racing helmet should have following qualities

1)    Racing helmets must surely have fire protection because the driver might need to escape if his car catches fire.

2)    Racing helmets should be narrow for greater head protection when the driver is following a particular track. But these helmets are only for professional use, not everybody can use it.

3)    The racing helmets should also be tested against sharp corners or collisions.

4)    Ventilation is an important factor to be considered while buying a racing helmet.

Wear a helmet and drive safe.

Racing is fun but you should always remember that it’s a bike not a toy that you can play with. they are machines which can harm you anytime and can cause injury .so all the car and bike racers must wear a helmet for their safety and guidance .not only racers but general people, kids should obey the traffic laws and drive safe .kids especially these days think that it doesn’t looks cool to wear a helmet and because of that around 300 children die every year in bike accidents and 17000 children get injured which leads to a serious lifelong problem. So it doesn’t matters even if you have to travel a short distance please wear your helmet and guard yourself .In fact  you should also force your friends and family members to wear a helmet because it’s for their safety only .

You can easily buy Race Helmets online along with other racing accessories like the seat belt, steering wheel, gloves. Sabelt is a known Italian brand which manufactures this entire product from fire resistant to broader ends they have all types of helmets available with them, it just depends on your need and requirement.

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